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Hardness: Against back and joint pain

If you want to counteract back and joint pain with a viscous mattress, you should opt for the right degree of hardness. The degree of hardness logically indicates the hardness of the mattress. Hardness grades are available between H1 and H5 – but not every mattress is available in every degree of hardness. Typically, mattresses are offered in H2 and H3. The harder the core, the harder the mattress is – and accordingly, it can better resist the applied load. This is especially for people with the high body weight advantage. Basically, not only your own preferences but also the body weight and body size decide which degree of hardness is the right one. The rule of thumb for this is as follows:

Hardness/body weight

  • H1: Up to 70 kilograms
  • H2: Up to 80 kilograms
  • H3: Up to 100 kilograms
  • H4: Up to 120 kilograms
  • H5: Over 120 kilograms

However, these degrees of hardness are not standardized, which is why each mattress manufacturer can offer different soft or hard mattresses of the same degree of hardness. Buy mattress from best mattress store houston.

The height of the visco layer: relieving pressure or flexible?

Finally, the height of the visco layer determines whether the mattress primarily relieves pressure or whether it offers greater freedom of movement instead. The higher the visco-layer, the better the pressure-sensitive parts of the body are relieved – but the more difficult it is to change the lying position. If you have back pain or circulatory problems you should, therefore, opt for a high visco layer if possible. However, this should not be more than 10 cm, in order not to restrict the freedom of movement too much.

How do I find the best visco mattress?

In order to find the best visco mattress, one should first become aware of one’s own requirements and record how high the total mattress and how high the viscous overlay should be. The cover and density are also important. Once these criteria have been established, one can take advantage of our comparison of the different mattresses to make a pre-selection before finally testing the mattresses in question at best.