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For whom is a cold fluff mattress suitable?

The cold fluff mattress has advantages. The advantages include the comparatively low price (also compared to most innerspring mattresses), the good adaptability and noise-free, the excellent point elasticity and the good suspension and restoring behavior. With good care it prevents mite infestation, it also insulates well.

Suitable for:

  • restless sleepers
  • all sleeping positions
  • allergic
  • slightly freezing people
  • People with back pain
  • older people
  • adjustable slatted frames

Although there are cold fluff mattresses with a very high volume weight, these are relatively expensive. Very heavy people well over 110 kg body weight is, therefore, a stable spring mattress, perhaps even with a latex topper, put to the heart.

What should you look for when buying a cold fluff mattress?

There are several criteria for the quality of a cold fluff mattress. Very clearly the volume weight says something about the use of materials. It is the weight of the foamed PU foam before pressing to the blocks of material of the cold fluff mattress. High volume weights can be around 50 kg / m³ and even higher, below 30 kg / m³ the volume weight can be described as very low.

Connected to the volume weight is the compression hardness, which describes the sinking in at a certain pressure. Although these two factors, but also a mattress with a relatively high volume weight may have a relatively low compression hardness and therefore appear soft. The compression hardness is given in kPa, from 40 kPa it is considered high and supports well then also people over 100 kg body weight.

A high density is also a quality certificate for another reason: It must, of course, be used a lot of material to achieve this high density. These mattresses are much less likely to cool and are generally more durable. The high quality is also evident in the mattress height: Simple cold fluff mattresses are only 12 – 18 cm thick, while very good models like the Casper mattress have cold fluff cores of more than 20 cm. Overall, they are even stronger through editions and purchases. Take advantegs of mattress sale Tucson az.